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7 tips for cultivating a home wellness space

2020 is the year of spending time at home. Our day-to-day lives have drastically changed, and we’re no longer adventuring across the globe. Instead, we’re taking a short walk from the kitchen to the sofa and back again. Consequently, it’s more important now than ever before to recognise the need for a living space that brings joy, clarity and calm. 

In a world where we tend to look outward, there has been a shift towards a more inward approach to living, centred around wellness and self-care. Our daily work, exercise and social routines have been turned upside down, and we’ve gone from flat whites and avocado-filled brunches after a sweaty class at the studio, to downward dogs in the kitchen and trying not to handstand into the cupboard.

A home wellness space, then, is essential. Finding somewhere that brings us a sense of happiness and peace will contribute towards cultivating long-lasting positive habits, and in our yoga and meditation practice, it’ll allow us to find some new growth, along with a sense of solace.

As the saying goes, it only takes one seed to build a forest. The following ideas are seeds of thought for you to develop on your journey to better self-care.

1. Choose your space

Whether you have one or 10 rooms in your home, it’s important to find an area that allows you to extend your body to its maximum reach so that you can flow, breathe, sit and stand comfortably.

Choosing an area with good amounts of natural light and away from the bedroom can help to differentiate your sleeping and daytime areas, too. If you’re looking to build a regular yoga practice, returning to the same consistent space can help offer continuity, and contribute towards habit forming and a healthy schedule.

If you have any outdoor space, there is nothing better than a sunny fresh air practice, so making use of this space is a must!

2. Bring nature inside

If you’re limited on room and have little or no outside space, there are endless possibilities to create your own indoor jungle sanctuary. 

Bring nature inside by taking advantage of available windowsill or cabinet-top space to grow houseplants. If you have a free shelf on your bookcase, place a trailing plant from a hanging basket. Cacti and succulents are a great place to start. They are hardy plants that require little attention. 

Get along to your nearest plant shop or nursery and get inspired.

3. Clean your space

A messy home makes it so much harder to find a clear and calm headspace. Instead, we recommend you ‘Marie Kondo’ you home (see her six rules of tidying here) and take the time to categorise and organise your belongings.

We’re not asking you to all adopt the minimalist lifestyle and throw out your favourite books. But, there is science behind the power of cleaning and how it impacts our wellbeing. Not only does it reduce your cortisol levels, it’s proven to make you more active, too. 

4. Set an intention

Setting an intention at the beginning of your yoga practice helps to bring awareness to a quality in your life that you wish to amplify and cultivate.

Yoga is not purely about raising your heart rate and doing some exercise. Through intention setting, we can see what focus we need to take away from the mat and into our day-to-day life. Now more than ever, we need to clearly identify what to be grateful for, and what things we may need to accept about our lives.

5. Invest in your practice

If you have gone to the effort of cleaning your home and purchasing plants to enhance your new self-care space, investing in the right yoga mat and accessories is also a great idea. Our customised, eco-friendly and grippy mats are the perfect practice companion to add to your space. 

6. Load up your favourite playlist

While a home wellness space should be as tranquil as possible, it should also be about fun! Why not make a selection of playlists that are tailored towards different moods, yoga styles and meditations?

Who says you can’t listen to some hard rock to energise your vinyasas? Or maybe a more ambient playlist accompanied by some low lighting, a scented candle and a long Shavasana is what’s needed.

7. Limit screen time

When spending time in your self-care zone, it’s important to recognise that any screen or device is a distraction and may take your focus away from mindfulness activities. Consider turning off your phone or placing it in another room, for example. That way, you can completely switch off and decompress while you’re in your home wellness space.

Wellness extends further than the yoga mat

By creating a peaceful home wellness space, one designed with love and care, you may notice the benefits translating and permeating into other areas of your life and being. You also might adopt these tips and build yourself a designated work-from-home space, too, one that’s also filled with house plants and succulents. This will surely help with clarity of mind and enhanced work productivity. 

Your home is your shelter, your office, your exercise area and so many other things in today’s post-coronavirus world. Making the effort to improve this space will reap benefits in multiple aspects of life and improve your mental wellbeing, as well as giving you somewhere you love to call home.

We have a chance to reset bad habits, get rid of those unwanted possessions and buy that cute cactus you’ve always wanted. Just remember, like your yoga practice, there’s no destination to get to. In the words of Ashtanga guru Pattabhi Jois:

Practice and all is coming.

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