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The Yogaline Yoga Mat: best in performance and highest in quality

There’s so much more to yoga than a few poses. While the daily practice remains front and centre, at its heart, yoga is a way of life. It’s something that should be consciously honed each and every day. It’s something that should spread through your friend networks because it brings people together and makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. And it’s certainly something that should help, not hinder, our natural world. 

Here at Yogaline, we’re proud to say that we really have poured blood, sweat and tears into producing the Yogaline yoga mat. And while that may sound like a figure of speech, rest assured that it isn’t. Our team has laboured over hundreds of hours to find ethically-produced materials that cause no harm to the environment. They tried and tested multiple iterations of the mat, manyof which failed and, much like yoga itself, provided an opportunity to learn. And most importantly, our team didn’t stop at a place of ‘good enough’. No. We pushed through ‘good enough’ and ventured forward until we reached what we believe is the perfect yoga mat, the Yogaline yoga mat. And boy oh boy are we happy with our result.

If you haven’t gathered by now, we’re extremely proud of the product we produce. Most importantly, we’re proud that we cause no harm to the environment, yet we’re still able to manufacture a reliable and personalised yoga mat for our community. 

But while all this is well and good, we’re most proud of what this means for you, the consumer. Want to find out? Read on.

It means super strong grip.

All Yogaline yoga mats are manufactured with an environmentally-friendly PU top layer. Designed to be porous, this PU top layer doesn’t compromise on grip, regardless of your yoga conditions. Whether you’re working through a hot yoga class and sweating profusely, or you’re on an Indonesian beach and watching the sun rise while in downward dog, you’ll always have a super strong grip.

It means trusted support.

Unlike most yoga mats that have a rubber base, our mats won’t twist underfoot as you move through downward dog and into side plank. Every Yogaline yoga mat is designed to be resilient in all poses, and our natural rubber base contains carefully controlled air bubbles dispersed across the base of the mat, giving optimal support so you can work through your practice without fear of slips.

It means environmentally friendly.

Over the past decade, traditional PVC materials have been swapped out for Polyurethane (or PU) as the material of choice for all premium eco yoga mats. PU is a polymer created from organic elements and is fully biodegradable in landfill conditions. Unlike PVC, PU biodegrades in less than 5 years and the only bi-products it releases are non-toxic elements such as H2O.

We are proud to report that Yogaline mat is made out of 100% Natural Rubber with a biodegradable PU top-surface. The Natural Rubber provides cushioning whilst the PU surface provides incredible grip strength, wet or dry, and no guilty conscience about the environment.

As we all know, our earth only has a finite amount of resources and the effects of unsustainable human consumption are beginning to show. As consumers, each and every one of us can make a difference by purchasing goods and services that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and produced by accountable companies. This is what we strive for at Yogaline and if you have any questions about our product we would love for you to get in touch.

It means personalised to your needs.

Each tailored Yogaline yoga mat is handmade to produce your personalised alignment guides. In short, alignment markers are lines engraved onto the yoga mat that act as a guide to help you find alignment in different yoga postures

These markers are made-to-measure depending on your body specifications. To get this right prior to manufacturing your mat, we ask you to submit a couple of body measurements and then calculate the position of your personal alignment markers. We can also engrave your name or monogram on the mat, free of charge!

If you want to find out more about how to use alignment markers, each yoga mat comes with a 16-page guide booklet that shows how you can use your personal alignment markers in various yoga poses.

It means tried, tested, and trusted by you.

Community means everything, and we pride ourselves on our close relationship with the teams involved in each stage of the mat manufacturing process. From our finishing workshop in the U.K., to our materials factory (which has been vetted by world-renowned inspectors to ensure environmental friendliness), we make sure that all our teams receive fair pay, good working conditions, and strong support from the Yogaline HQ.

Don’t buy another yoga mat ever again

A good yoga mat is an investment not only in an ethical product, but also in you. To improve your yoga and build a reliable practice, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. And that means finding a yoga mat that offers quality, consistency, and environmental conservationism.

And that’s where Yogaline comes in. In fact, we only have one goal: to take the best available materials and features and put them all together in one product. 

To find out more about getting your hands on our Yogaline yoga mat, click here and shop now.

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